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Connecting PressForward

The PressForward plugin should already be installed on your Research AMP site. To begin nominating content, navigate to Dashboard > PressForward > Tools, and drag the "Nominate This" bookmarklet into your browser's bookmarks bar.
You can read the PressForward documentation here:

Nominating Content

To nominate content, navigate your browser to an article or report you would like to see posted on your Research AMP site. Click the "Nominate This" bookmarklet; this opens up a pop-up window allowing you to fill in some metadata about the content, including the author name and the date of publication. Click "nominate" and the article will enter the nominated content queue in the Dashboard of your Research AMP site.
We suggest that you create your own standards for posting third-party content to your Research AMP site. Our own values for doing so look to amplify existing content, not duplicate it as well as to respect copyright and original creators. Some approaches to consider:
  • Attribute the post to an author and the institution or media outlet that created it.
  • Reproduce only a snippet—about 200 words—of the article, and then link it to the original source.
  • Format the article snippet as a block quote, to emphasize that this is not content that is original to the Research AMP site.
  • Try not to post two things from same source in one day.
  • Try not to post media that contains, or runs risk of amplifying, content that is defamatory, hateful, or expresses extreme views.
  • Don’t link directly to doxxed or leaked information. Coverage of a leak is fine. If it contains the leaked information and instructions on how to use it, avoid.
  • Don’t nominate if it’s more than 3 days old (unless it’s something huge that was missed).